Delphi for PHP Essentials


The full two day Delphi for PHP Essentials course is for web application developers who are new to using Delphi for PHP and the PHP language. The goal of this course is to introduce you to developing user-interactive, data-aware web applications using Delphi for PHP and the PHP language.

Concepts covered include an overview of the IDE, applying IDE features to designing and developing applications and the essentials of the PHP language.

Experienced instructors deliver this course via live classroom settings or on-line conferencing. In both cases, extensive hands-on exercises are included. Exercises build on one another and culminate in a web commerce application.

Carga Horária

16 horas.


Working knowledge of the Windows® operating systems.
Basic experience in Windows® programming.
Basic experience in using a visual IDE helpful.

Conteúdo programático

  • PHP Variables
    • Types. Names(Identifiers). Type Strength. Variable Scope. Superglobals. Constants. Manipulation.
  • PHP Structure
    • Operators. Dynamic Pages. Passing Values by URL. If Conditions. Loops.
  • PHP Arrays
    • Enumerated Arrays. Associative Arrays. Two-Dimensional Arrays. Manipulation Functions.
  • HTML Forms
    • Structure of Work. Form Variable.
  • PHP Strings
    • Formatting. Concatenation. Manipulation Functions.
  • PHP Functions
    • Defining and Calling Functions. Default Values. Variable Scope. By Reference versus By Value.
  • Introduction to Web Application Development
    • Business Rules vs. Business Logics. What is User Interface?
  • Basic Interface Elements
    • VCL Architecture. Components. Developing the User Interface.
  • Visual Form Designer and Code Editor
    • Visual Form Designer. Creating Interfaces. Code Editor. Two-way Tool
  • Debugger
    • Controlling Program Execution. Analyzing Data at Runtime.
  • Database Development
    • Database Applications Overview. Database Architecture. Database Access Technologies.
  • Deploying Web Applications
    • Application files. Database Applications.

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